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Essential self-adhesive medical devices for surgical covering materials

As manufacturer of medical adhesives and supplier of surgical medical tapes and incise films there is only one way to express our corporate identity

Our slogan represents SMG's company values and goals:

  • Assemblers of surgical procedure packs connect us to the health care industry
  • Collaboration is indispensable to a continuous improvement of the hospital supply chain
  • We stay closely connected with you to provide together the best possible service and solution to health care professionals
  • Together we develop new solutions and optimize our processes to highest standards
  • Self-adhesive medical products are essential to protect the patient during surgery
  • Our products enable careful but firm connection of all sort of drapes and other devices to enable successful completion of the procedure

with care



Eurotape – designed for reusable technical textiles

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are key steps forward to greener healthcare. Reprocessing reusable technical textiles (RTT) in industrial laundries ensures local labor opportunities and shorter supply chains. The wash soluble properties of our medical tape and self-adhesive accessories are essential to enable the multiple use reusable technical drapes (up to 70 wash cycles).


Somed – tailor made for single use non-woven drapes

Medical adhesives are invisible essentials in the medical industry. It makes life of healthcare workers and patients a lot easier and comfortable. Most common are medical devices such as; surgical tape, incise film and wound care products. It is our mission to facilitate these products with the highest quality and efficiency in each possible shape and size.

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