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SMG Company structure

We want to clarify to all our partners, customers and interested parties how the relationship is structured between Soest Medical Group (SMG) and Eurotape BV, and, the brand names Eurotape and Somed.

Soest Medical Group, officially SMG Holding BV, is the sole owner of Eurotape BV. However, since Eurotape is the name of both a company and a product brand, it’s been decided to use Soest Medical Group (SMG) as the holding company name for brands Eurotape and Somed.

The products which SMG brings on the market are classified as medical devices as per EU Medical Device Regulation 2017/745. This regulation, as many other similar regulations elsewhere in the world, require that a specific legal entity is mentioned as the legal manufacturer of the products. For historical reasons Eurotape BV is the legal manufacturer for all products manufactured by SMG, both Eurotape and Somed brands, and also, Eurotape BV is the certificate holder of ISO 13485:2016 standard.

Hence, you will see SMG operating through Eurotape BV for sales of Eurotape and Somed branded products, purchases of raw materials and services, certificates, memberships in associations and similar aspects.

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Wash soluble and medical adhesives

Back in the nineties a Spanish chemist named Juan Sánchez, was triggered by interesting conversation at a random Dutch birthday party. He overheard the story about recent developments in the medical and surgical industry.

Cotton drapes and gowns were soon to be abandoned. High technical textiles were about to become the future. The only issue were surgical clamps; used to hold cotton drapes in place but causing severe damage to textile at the same time. He picked up the suggestion to develop skin friendly and wash soluble medical tapes.

The first rolls of medical tape were produced in a twenty-square-meter garage. As business flourished, more production capacity was inevitable. This is how we inherited adhesive recipes and a sophisticated Andalusian look and feel of our headquarters which reveal the Spanish roots of our founding father.

Our focus shifted only when cotton was expelled from almost all European operating rooms. It paved the way for research and development to expand our portfolio.

Safe surgery worldwide

Everyone worldwide should have access to safe healthcare. Yet hospitals globally face many challenges including the protection and hygiene of patients and surgical staff.

It is our ambition to contribute to the reduction of surgical site infections. We  develop, manufacture and provide high quality self-adhesive medical devices. These products are shipped all over the world and are applied to surgical covering materials as an effective barrier to keep the surgical area sterile. Our self-adhesive components are also essential to various other end-uses and applications.