About us


At the heart of any successful organization lies a dedicated workforce striving to achieve the best quality and results possible.

We at SMG are a group of smart, passionate and dedicated people. And with barely 40 employees, we share about 15 different nationalities. With such diversity within SMG, it creates a melting pot of ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives that drive innovation and growth. When employees with different backgrounds and experiences come together, they bring with them their unique viewpoints, mistakes, and successes. This diversity helps in the creation of new products, services, and processes, improving the overall quality of work.

In addition, The diversity inside our company promotes equality and it promotes a culture of inclusivity that makes every employee feel valued and appreciated. And with an inclusive workforce, we set the tone for high employee satisfaction, increased creativity, and teamwork, which ultimately benefits both the company as the employees. While we all have our different stories and backgrounds, we unify as one team, and we form what SMG stands for.


We are a group of smart, passionate and dedicated people. Each one of us has a personal story but some facts simply stand out

  • The longest employment outreached 30 years
  • Barely 50 employees share over 15 different nationalities
  • Almost every European language (and more) is covered
  • Our offices are occupied by 80% women
  • About 80% of our production staff is male
  • Not a single festive event goes by unnoticed