CODE of conduct

Code of Conduct

Formalization Code of Conduct

SMG is committed to conduct its activities ethically and lawfully. Also, our products have impact on the health and lives of people; and therefore, it necessitates a great ethical responsibility in their development and production. This is nothing new and is part of our DNA and existence.

What’s new in the formalization of this behavior is a so-called Code of Conduct. This Code establishes policies and procedures that are intended to guide directors and employees in the performance of their duties and responsibilities and ensure compliance with our commitment to ethical and lawful conduct.

We will share this Code of Conduct with all the important stakeholders and ensure that it is inseparable linked with our daily business activities.

The formalization of this Code is a first step. As a second step we are developing so-called Key Performance Indicators to measure specific Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria and to ensure that our Code of Conduct are not only nice words.

Henri Laitervo (CEO)