New OP-Film S235

We launched our new S235 incision film! The wish of many has been heard and carefully considered, leading us to the presentation of an innovative incision film that will not let you down, not even in the toughest surgical conditions.

Our new Incision Film ensures optimal adherence to the skin without causing discomfort or irritation. The film forms a secure, yet gentle, barrier that protects the incision site from external contaminants, reducing the risk of infection and promoting a sterile environment.We have carefully selected a breathable and flexible material for the Incision Film, allowing for natural airflow and moisture management. The new S235 Incision Film is transparent, allowing healthcare professionals to monitor the incision site without the need for frequent dressing changes.

At Soest Medical Group, we remain committed to continuous improvement and innovation in the healthcare industry. The launch of our Incision Film underscores our dedication to transforming patient care, advancing wound healing, and improving outcomes for surgical patients worldwide.

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